Breaking the chains of poverty


A career training program administered by the APRI, Pittsburgh Chapter (A. Philip Randolph Institute’s Pittsburgh Chapter) and facilitated in partnership with United Steelworkers. The goal is to promote living wage careers and union membership for the minority community.

Our mission is to provide social and economic progress for minorities, the poor and working people. In partnerships with the labor movement and other allies, we provide community-based training programs to individuals to educate, to improve their employment opportunities, and to secure good union careers that make family-sustaining wages.

Cutting-Edge, Industry-Certified Workforce Development Program


Skills of Construction
Emerging Energy Trades


High Demand
Industry Driven
Constantly Enhanced
Employer Approved

Environmental Literacy
Water, Waste and Energy
Building and Construction
Health, Food and Agriculture
Community Organization and Leadership
Financial Literacy and Social Entrepreneurship
Local Union Training Site Visits
Green Chemistry and Carbon Footprinting
Tools, Instruments and Measures
Building and Construction Math
Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
Time Management
Interview Coaching and Resume Preparation

Graduates will receive state, national, and international certifications that are recognized and preferred by our employer partners:

NIEHS OSHA-30 – Construction
Mold Remediation
Roots of Success
PennDOT-approved Flagger Training
First Aid and CPR Training
Coaching and Resume Preparation

A stipend will be provided for students who meet the program expectations to offset the cost of food and travel. We also partner with community-based organizations that offer assistance to individuals with specific barriers.

Program Entrance Requirements

• Must be at least 18 years of age.
• High school diploma or GED.
• Must be drug free.
• Valid driver’s license preferred.
• Must be or become a registered voter.
• 10th grade competency based on TABE Level A testing.
• Must successfully complete and pass a panel interview.

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Request more information about the Breaking the Chains of Poverty Career Training (BTCP) program.
To register for the program call 412-562-2432.

Partnerships for success

The United Steelworkers and other partners support the work that we do. We work closely with with other unions as well as employers, organizations, governments, and companies.