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The Pittsburgh APRI Gala is back!

Join us as we celebrate five individuals who exemplify the mission of Asa Philip Randolph.


Breaking the chains of poverty

A career training program

A career training program administered by the APRI, Pittsburgh Chapter (A. Philip Randolph Institute’s Pittsburgh Chapter) and facilitated in partnership with United Steelworkers. The goal is to promote living wage careers and union membership for the minority community.

Voter Education

Creating Action

We take the labor movement’s key tenets of economic justice and social equality, and use them to ensure our participants become people who improve not just themselves but also lift their communities. 

Earn a career

We partner with employers to ensure we are training participants with the skills that are needed to land a job that can become a career. By constantly looking for new opportunities for our participants, we are ensuring we continue to provide access to life changing opportunities.

Our Impact

Participants who dedicate themselves to our workforce development, financial literacy and life skills programs see the change they want.

Support the cause

Our movement has never been easy. But with effort comes success and with your support we can truly transform lives.