Activism into action
We're on a mission from
A. Philip Randolph

where do you turn after the final step of a march?

How can you transform activism into action?

By joining us.

Our mission

Committed to social progress for minorities, the poor and working people, the Pittsburgh Chapter of APRI is dedicated to providing programs that extend democracy, education and opportunity to those traditionally disenfranchised or discouraged from participation.

Since 1968 the Pittsburgh Chapter of the A. Philip Randolph Institute has been helping transform lives. We take the labor movement’s key tenets of economic justice and social equality, and use them to ensure our participants become people who improve not just themselves but also lift their communities.

governed by the political values and principles of our founder.

A. Philip Randolph, 1889-1979


Sylvia C. Wilson – President

DeWitt Walton – Vice President

Jason Koss – Secretary

Stanford White – Treasurer


Lanette Berkley

Chris Koch

John Ratica

William Garner

Harold McDonald

Ronald Sapp

Jeff Nobers

Mark Jones

Dan Bosh

Charles Greer


Sierra Parm

Operations Director

Garth Taylor

Community Engagement Coordinator

Gary Drent

Education Director

Felicia Williams

Case Manager

Danielle Pharr

Office Manager

Thomas Graham

Community Engagement Coordinator

A deep history
A bright future