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Possible Work sites

Possible Work sites



Boilermakers Local Union #154 represents more than 2,000 members in western Pennsylvania, two counties in Ohio and two counties in West Virginia. Boilermakers possess a full range of knowledge and skills required to work in the boilermaker construction industry. These duties include boiler making, welding, acetylene burning, asbestos abatement, chipping, caulking, reaming, fiberglass laminating, fitting-up, grinding, rigging, riveting, scaffold erection and dismantling, stack work, steel erection, tube rolling, impact machine operating and other work activities. The broad scope of the boilermaker trade includes construction and maintenance work performed on a variety of project work sites in industrial and commercial plants such as cement plants, fertilizer plants, water treatment facilities, breweries, steel mills, power plants, electric power generation plants, gas turbines, gas processing plants, refineries, pulp and paper mills, and many other industrial and commercial facilities.


Bricklayers and Allied Crafts Local Union #9 represents approximately 2,000 workers in the trowel trades across western Pennsylvania. Bricklayers build walls, partitions, arches, fireplaces, chimneys and other structures from bricks, blocks, structural tile and other pre-made materials. In addition to bricklayers, Local 9 represents stone masons, marble workers, pointer-cleaner-caulkers, tile workers and terrazzo workers. Stonemasons and marble workers build walls, partitions, arches, fireplaces and other structures from natural and cultured stone and marble. Pointer-cleaner-caulkers work on the restoration of masonry buildings, reinstall mortar, replace bad caulking, clean and point masonry, stone, and brick surfaces. Tile workers build walls, restore flooring, bathrooms and other rooms and amenities in commercial and residential settings, working with ceramic tile or other natural and man-made tile products. Terrazzo workers build and install concrete or epoxy-based flooring, stairs, sidewalks, and driveways in hospitals.

Cement Mason

Operative Plasterers and Cement Masons Local Union #526 is a member of the Operative Plasterers & Cement Masons International Association (OPCMIA). The Local has nearly 500 active members and its jurisdiction covers 33 counties in western Pennsylvania. Among other work activities, cement masons smooth and finish exposed concrete surfaces on projects such as walls, floor, steps, sidewalks, driveways, and roads. The bulk of the work is in commercial and industrial buildings, as well as in heavy highway construction.

Drywall Finisher

The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) District Council #57 offers joint apprenticeship training in the crafts of painting, drywall finishing, and glazing. The Council has over 1,500 members living within 31 counties in Pennsylvania. Painters handle a wide range of finishing projects that include residential, commercial and industrial customers that perform surface preparation and protective coatings to ornate paint finishes and wall coverings. Also included in painting services are bridge and tank painters that sandblast or waterblast before a surface can be painted. Drywall finishers are experts in sealing joints between gypsum board and other wall board to prepare surfaces and ceilings for painting,


Local Union #5 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) represents nearly 3,000 active members who reside within 22 counties in Pennsylvania. Electricians install, maintain and test power, lighting, communications and other systems in commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Also covered is residential work and all the power, lighting and systems in houses and apartment complexes. Electricians are trained in instrumentation and in the use of fiber optics.

Elevator Constructor

Elevator Constructors Local Union #6 represents nearly 300 workers across 26 counties in Pennsylvania, two counties in Ohio and five counties in West Virginia. Elevator constructors install, repair and maintain elevators, escalators, wheelchair lifts, home lifts, dumbwaiters and movable walks.

Floor Coverer

Floor coverers install all types of flooring materials, from carpet, sheet vinyls, tile, wood and laminates, and even sports surfaces. They replace and repair floors of wood carpet and sheet goods in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Heavy Highway Carpenter

Heavy Highway Carpenters build and assemble forms for concrete structures such as bridges, retaining walls, tunnels, subways, drainage structures, hydroelectric developments, locks dams and sewage treatment projects.


The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) District Council #57 offers joint apprenticeship training in the crafts of painting, drywall finishing, and glazing. The Council has over 1,500 members living in 31 counties in Pennsylvania. Painters handle a wide range of finishing projects that include residential, commercial and industrial customers that perform surface preparation and protective coatings to ornate paint finishes and wall coverings. Also included in painting services are bridge and tank painters that sandblast or waterblast before a surface can be painted. Glaziers perform the work to enclose buildings with curtainwalls, storefronts, windows, and entranceways. Glaziers also service contractors installing skylights and numerous interior work that includes mirrors, glass partitions, hollow metal frames and architectural metal panels.


The International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local Union #2 represents nearly 500 men and women who live in any one of 24 counties in western Pennsylvania, 15 counties in West Virginia, three counties in Ohio and two counties in Maryland. The work of insulators includes the insulation of both industrial and commercial mechanical systems for the purpose of energy savings, burn protection, as well as to control temperature transfer and condensation. Other types of work performed by Local 2 members include cryogenic type insulation used in the field of low-temperature service, mirror type of insulation used in nuclear power generation, asbestos/lead abatement, as well as fire-stop and fire-stop related work pertaining to the life safety portion of construction.

Iron Worker

Iron Workers Local Union #3 represents approximately 1,500 active members living in all or parts of 16 counties in western Pennsylvania. Ironworkers specialize in the following work: structural steel erection, pre-cast concrete construction, bridge erection/repair, ornamental iron/curtain wall installation, reinforcing steel placement and post tensioning, pre-engineered metal buildings erection, welding, rigging/machinery moving, industrial construction and plant maintenance, and wind turbine construction.

Sheet Metal Worker

Sheet Metal Workers Local Union #12 is a member of the Sheet Metal-Air-Rail-Transportation International Association. It represents approximately 1,200 workers living within one of 23 counties in Pennsylvania. Sheet metal workers fabricate and install a multitude of products from a variety of metals. Almost all of their work is custom designed and fabricated. Sheet metal workers fabricate anything from HVAC systems to architectural roof and cladding systems, industrial material handling systems, sign work, ornamental work, custom kitchen and food handling equipment, and anything else made of metal. Sheet metal workers fabricate all of these items from galvanized metal, iron, steel, tern plate, copper and a variety of stainless steels. They are skilled in all metal craftwork including cutting, rolling, bending, mitering, welding, soldering, drafting, reading plans and specifications and design

Sprinkler Fitter

Sprinkler Fitters Local Union #542 is a member of the United Association of Plumbers, Steamfitters and Sprinkler Fitters. Local 542 has over 200 members living within a 25-mile radius of Downtown Pittsburgh in Allegheny County, as well as in several adjoining counties. The work of the sprinkler fitter consists of the installation and maintenance, repairs, adjustments, and corrections of all fire protection and fire control systems including the installation and testing of backflow devices. The work also includes the unloading, handling and installation of all piping or tubing, appurtenances, and related equipment, including both overhead and underground water mains, fire hydrants, and hydrant mains, all standpiping, underground piping, and control systems in connection with, or part of, automatic sprinkler systems for the prevention and control of fire, sprinkler tank heaters, air lines and thermal systems, as well as all connected tanks and pumps. Also included is work with CO-2 and Cardox systems, dry chemical systems, foam systems, core drilling, halogenized systems and alternatives such as FM 200 systems and all other fire protection systems, but excluding steam fire protection systems and standpipes not connected to automatic sprinkler systems.


Steamfitters Local Union #449 is a member of the United Association of Plumbers, Steamfitters and Sprinkler Fitters. Local 449 represents approximately 2,600 union-trained steamfitters living within all or parts of 15 counties in Pennsylvania. Steamfitters fabricate, install and service piping systems. They may be found on jobsites involving single-family homes, garden and high-rise apartment buildings, large and small office buildings, supermarkets, food warehousing and processing facilities, power plants, chemical installations, factories, public buildings and health care facilities. Their work involves working with process piping, steam – hot water, refrigeration, air conditioning, medical gas, boilers, pipe fabrication, hydraulics, controls, all welding processes, HVACR service, energy management, rigging, drafting/CAD drawing, and industrial instrumentation.


Roofers Local Union #37 is a member of the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers. It represents approximately 250 men and women who reside within any one of 20 counties in Pennsylvania. Roofers and waterproofers work outdoors in all kinds of weather. They install roofs on structures using a variety of materials, including shingles, slate, and tile, hot tar, rubber, thermoplastics, and composites. In addition to being experts in the fields of commercial/industrial and residential roofing, Local 37 members also specialize in waterproofing and dampproofing, as well as in lining ponds and tanks.


Plumbers Local Union #27 is a member of the United Association of Plumbers, Steamfitters and Sprinkler Fitters. Local 27 has nearly 700 members residing in all or parts of 15 counties in Pennsylvania. Plumbers work in the heavy industrial, commercial and residential sectors of the construction industry. From underground installation to final connections of fixtures and equipment, plumbers design, install and maintain sanitary, storm, water supply and gas service lines, plumbing fixtures and mechanical equipment. They perform backflow and dye testing as well as medical gas services.

Operating Engineer

The International Union of Operating Engineers Local Union #66 provides employment opportunities for over 7,000 men and women residing in 33 counties of Pennsylvania and three counties in Ohio. Operating engineers operate, maintain and repair heavy construction equipment, such as cranes, backhoes, loaders, scrapers and bulldozers for use in the construction of buildings, factories, roads, dams, power plants, pipelines and bridges.

Employer Partners

TMS International

TMS International is the leading provider of on-site, industrial steel mill services for steelmakers around the world. Our people, services, technology and equipment provide invaluable resources that support and enhance our partners' entire manufacturing operations. We strive to stay ahead of our customers' challenges by continually improving our processes and introducing new steel mill services. Our services help lessen steelmakers' environmental impacts and contribute to a cleaner environment. TMS International is the largest provider of outsourced industrial services to steel mills in North America as measured by revenue and has a substantial and growing international presence. The company provides mill services at 80 customer sites in 11 countries and our global raw material procurement network spans

All-Clad Metals

Born in the U.S. steel age in 1967, Clad Metals began as a small metallurgical company that specialised in formulating bonded metals for a variety of industries. Company founder, John Ulam, a brilliant metallurgist, realized the combination of different metals created composites that yielded superior results. He was awarded more than 50 U.S. patents for bonded metals and secured a contract with the U.S. Mint to make dimes, quarters and half dollars. He was later instrumental in the nation's conversion from solid silver coins to bonded layered metals used in coins today. After years of perfecting the bonding process, Ulam established All-Clad Metalcrafters in 1971, and began producing professional quality bonded cookware for working chefs and avid home cooks. The brand flourished as early adopters realized the cookware's extraordinary properties and exemplary cooking performance. Today, All-Clad cookware is still handcrafted in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, with American-made steel the same way it was four decades ago. It is still widely sought after by the world's top chefs and passionate home cooks.

Bristol Metals

BRISMET has been an industry leader in stainless, duplex, super duplex, 6 moly, nickel alloy and titanium welded steel pipe manufacture since 1941. Our experienced sales, technical, quality control and production groups can meet the toughest project and piping requirements for your project whether it entails 10,000 feet or 10 feet. We have experience in all major market segments including oil/gas, power/energy, nuclear, chemical/petrochemical, water/waste water, pulp and paper, mining, food and beverage and pharmaceutical. With manufacturing capabilities from ½” to 144” (12.7 millimeters to 4 meters) in diameter, BRISMET has supplied welded steel pipe to some of the world’s largest projects. Our quality control programs for ISO, Nuclear, PED and ASTM/ASME allow us to meet the most demanding pipe specifications from tolerances to testing. We also maintain an extensive approved manufacturers list (AML) to stand ready for any pipe project requirements.

United Steelworkers

The United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union, commonly known as United Steelworkers (USW), is a general trade union with 860,294 members across North America. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, the United Steelworkers represents workers in Canada, the Caribbean and the United States. The United Steelworkers represent workers in a diverse range of industries, including primary and fabricated metals, paper, chemicals, glass, rubber, heavy-duty conveyor belting, tires, transportation, utilities, container industries, pharmaceuticals, call centers and health care.