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Testimonials/Success Stories

Testimonials/Success Stories

Terrance Montgomery – is a Wilkinsburg native and East Allegheny High School graduate. He had back- ground issues that were barriers to work. BTCP provided Terrance with training in family sustaining careers that focused on his present, not his past. Terrance credits the program with reenforcing in him determination, commitment, and effort. He graduated from the program in June of 2017 with his work skills refreshed. Terrance is now employed with the Allegheny County Department of Public Works.



Heather McDonald – Heather grew up 
in Morgantown, WV and moved to Pittsburgh in 1999. Heather entered BTCP unsure about her future. The program gave her a better perspective on her career goals and she felt the curriculum taught had empowered her, affirming that her original career choice suited her. BTCP mentoring and leadership reinforced her passion for the legal field. After graduation from BTCP in 2015, Heather continued her career as a paralegal in Pittsburgh.



Kemper Nova credits Breaking the Chains of Poverty with sharpening his diligence and drive to succeed in a family-sustaining career. Kemper came to the program with a college education and strong work experience; however, life choices complicated his ability to maintain employment. He shares that the program’s high standards of accountability enhanced his work performance and job skills leading him to earning an apprenticeship at the International Brotherhood of Carpenters Union.



Charlene Jones completed her GED at Pittsburgh Connelly Trade School. A resident of public housing, Charlene credits Pittsburgh APRI for “giving me my life back.” Initially she did not meet the BTCP program entry requirements, so she utilized the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh’s (HCAP) internal program, built her skill sets and then reapplied to the BTCP program and was accepted. She was one of our most committed participants – always willing to take the extra step to learn and build her skills.