The United Steelworkers and other partners support the work that we do. We work closely with with other unions as well as employers, organizations, governments, and companies.

At Holtec, we are dedicated to developing innovative technologies and solutions that serve our clients’ needs, while protecting public health and safety and the environment.
HACP provides publicly assisted housing comprised of traditional public housing, scattered sites and Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8). We currently house more than 18,000 Pittsburghers, manage more than 2,200 public housing units, and provide oversight of an additional 600+ mixed-finance units. More than half of our residents live in privately-managed rental properties located across the City of Pittsburgh, through their participation in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8). Our facilities are conveniently located throughout Pittsburgh, with public and senior housing communities located in each region of the city. HACP’s purpose is to develop and make available affordable, safe housing and to help families achieve the independence they strive for. A brighter future is always within reach thanks to the commitment of HACP.
OBJECTIVES ​1. To unite college men of culture, patriotism and honor in a bond of Fraternity; 2. To encourage honorable achievement in every field of human endeavor; 3. To promote the spiritual, social, intellectual and moral welfare of its members; 4. To assist the aims and purposes of colleges and universities; 5. To inspire service in the public interest
A good neighbor whose support has contributed to neighborhoods that are safe, vibrant, and celebrated, and where residents are healthy and enabled to reach their full potential
Literacy Pittsburgh offers free educational programs for adults and families in Allegheny County and Beaver County. Each year, we help nearly 5,000 people in the Greater Pittsburgh area improve their reading, writing, math, English language, digital literacy, and workplace skills. Adult literacy classes and tutoring move students from learning to earning and help them succeed as workers, parents, and neighbors.
Partner4Work is the workforce development organization that connects funding, expertise and opportunities for employers, job seekers, agencies, and policy makers to develop a thriving workforce in the Pittsburgh area. Let’s get to work.

Our program provides countless opportunities for our participants to work as an apprentice. This serves as one of the best ways to transform a work opportunity into a lifelong, life-changing career.