The United Steelworkers and other partners support the work that we do. We work closely with with other unions as well as employers, organizations, governments, and companies.

Mission Statement “Our mandate is the continued protection and enhancement of our diverse neighborhoods by working in partnership with our citizens to creatively solve problems always remaining sensitive to the authority with which we’re entrusted. It is our challenge to provide committed service through accountability, integrity and respect.” Values “We believe in the value and worth of all members of the Bureau of Police. We believe our integrity is not negotiable. We believe we are individually accountable for upholding the values of the organization. We believe we can best earn respect by first respecting the rights of others. We believe in striving to achieve the highest moral, ethical and professional standards. We will adapt to the changing future by maintaining partnerships built upon accountability, integrity and respect.”
After over 85 years, the tradition of working together as an industry to tackle the important issues facing the heavy and highway industry in western Pennsylvania lives on among the CAWP membership. While many things have changed over the years, one thing has remained constant – the aim of the Association: to encourage and assist the organization of employees in the Heavy, Highway and Utility Construction Industry to the end that fair competition may be maintained, conditions of labor may be improved, and that proper and friendly relations may be maintained between contractors, their employees and the general public.
A Great Place to Live, Work, and Play Allegheny County is widely known for its exceptional quality of life. In the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Livability Index, the region was chosen as the most livable in the continental United States, the second-most in the country, and No. 23 globally. National Geographic has listed the area among the best in the nation based on metrics believed to lead to happiness, including culture, restaurants, nightlife, green spaces, and more. Considering all the positive things taking place in this vibrant community and our plentiful job and educational opportunities, it’s easy to understand why so many businesses and entrepreneurs want to be here and why more and more people are moving here and staying.
We are an independent community bank Founded in 1855, Dollar Bank is, well, different. We’re an independent community bank. That means no publicly traded stock and no shareholders. And that means we can focus on what we do best: empowering the people and communities we serve to do the things they hold dearest. Over more than 165 years, we’ve grown to become a large, full service, regional bank renowned for providing the highest quality banking solutions and services to individuals and businesses. Our customers simply know us for this: understanding their goals and providing the solutions that get them there. And for that, we couldn’t be prouder.
Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania is a human service agency and network of not-for-profit businesses whose mission is to help people overcome barriers to employment and enjoy the dignity and benefits of work and improved quality of life.
We’re introducing a new kind of care – wholecare – that helps people achieve not just physical health, but whole life health. Highmark Wholecare was formerly Gateway Health

Our program provides countless opportunities for our participants to work as an apprentice. This serves as one of the best ways to transform a work opportunity into a lifelong, life-changing career.