We don’t believe in a handout, we believe in a hand up. That’s why our apprenticeships our one of the most important parts of our program. Our participants have the chance to gain real world work experience, while continuing to learn and progress toward full-time, well-paid employment.

Floor coverers install all types of flooring materials, from carpet, sheet vinyls, tile, wood and laminates, and even sports surfaces. They replace and repair floors of wood carpet and sheet goods in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
Heavy Highway Carpenters build and assemble forms for concrete structures such as bridges, retaining walls, tunnels, subways, drainage structures, hydroelectric developments, locks dams and sewage treatment projects.
The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) District Council #57 offers joint apprenticeship training in the crafts of painting, drywall finishing, and glazing. The Council has over 1,500 members living in 31 counties in Pennsylvania. Painters handle a wide range of finishing projects that include residential, commercial and industrial customers that perform surface preparation and protective coatings to ornate paint finishes and wall coverings. Also included in painting services are bridge and tank painters that sandblast or waterblast before a surface can be painted. Glaziers perform the work to enclose buildings with curtainwalls, storefronts, windows, and entranceways. Glaziers also service contractors installing skylights and numerous interior work that includes mirrors, glass partitions, hollow metal frames and architectural metal panels.
The International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local Union #2 represents nearly 500 men and women who live in any one of 24 counties in western Pennsylvania, 15 counties in West Virginia, three counties in Ohio and two counties in Maryland. The work of insulators includes the insulation of both industrial and commercial mechanical systems for the purpose of energy savings, burn protection, as well as to control temperature transfer and condensation. Other types of work performed by Local 2 members include cryogenic type insulation used in the field of low-temperature service, mirror type of insulation used in nuclear power generation, asbestos/lead abatement, as well as fire-stop and fire-stop related work pertaining to the life safety portion of construction.
Iron Workers Local Union #3 represents approximately 1,500 active members living in all or parts of 16 counties in western Pennsylvania. Ironworkers specialize in the following work: structural steel erection, pre-cast concrete construction, bridge erection/repair, ornamental iron/curtain wall installation, reinforcing steel placement and post tensioning, pre-engineered metal buildings erection, welding, rigging/machinery moving, industrial construction and plant maintenance, and wind turbine construction.
Sheet Metal Workers Local Union #12 is a member of the Sheet Metal-Air-Rail-Transportation International Association. It represents approximately 1,200 workers living within one of 23 counties in Pennsylvania. Sheet metal workers fabricate and install a multitude of products from a variety of metals. Almost all of their work is custom designed and fabricated. Sheet metal workers fabricate anything from HVAC systems to architectural roof and cladding systems, industrial material handling systems, sign work, ornamental work, custom kitchen and food handling equipment, and anything else made of metal. Sheet metal workers fabricate all of these items from galvanized metal, iron, steel, tern plate, copper and a variety of stainless steels. They are skilled in all metal craftwork including cutting, rolling, bending, mitering, welding, soldering, drafting, reading plans and specifications and design
Partnerships for success

The United Steelworkers and other partners support the work that we do. We work closely with with other unions as well as employers, organizations, governments, and companies.