Voter Education Center

The Voter Education Center conducts a multi-phased program consisting of the following:

  • A phone bank designed to share information with Southwestern PA residents about the new Voter ID legislation
  • Conduct surveys to determine issues important to residents in minority and underserved communities
  • Educate those residents of targeted communities about the need to register to vote, participate in campaigns that result in increased voting percentages in minority communities in all election
  • Canvass residents in targeted communities in an effort to increase voter turnout
  • Engage in efforts to impact public policy discussions and of implementation changes that affect the quality of life in working class communities.

After School Program Christmas Party
The Pittsburgh APRI in conjunction with the Allegheny County Labor Council, the Beverly Jewel Wall Lovelace After School program and the Housing Authority of the Pittsburgh holds an annual Christmas Party at the Ammons Recreation Center. It serves over 200 children that live in public housing in the City of Pittsburgh each year. Toys and entertainment are provided for those children who otherwise might have bleak holiday season.

Center Avenue YMCA Christmas Toy Giveaway
Continuing our commitment to be a part of the social fabric of minority communities. The Pittsburgh APRI supports the Centre Ave. & new Thelma Lovette YMCA, Pittsburgh APRI & the Allegheny County Labor Council donated 100 toys to the 2011 YMCA for its Tree of Giving holiday gift program and has a APRI officer on it’s board of directors. The principles driving our support mirrors our commitment to the Housing Authority Christmas effort.

Breaking the Chains of Poverty Training Program
(82) persons were trained in 2011, (75%) completed the program and (58%) obtained employment.