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About APRI

The Pittsburgh A. Philip Randolph Institute, founded in the year of 1968, is dedicated to developing programs that will extend democracy to those who have been traditionally disfranchised or discourage from participating in the political system, strengthening political alliances needed to assure democratic social change and projecting social and economic programs that will improve the lives of all Americans.

To achieve these goals, the Pittsburgh A. Philip Randolph institute believes that a broad based coalition of those forces who believe in social progress for minorities, the poor and working people, should be created with the Labor Movement occupying a pivotal role in this alliance since it serves as a bi racial organizational vehicle of working people and has a principled commitment to social change. Our programs seek to enhance the role of all the trade unionists.

Since its formation, the policies and programs of the Institute have been governed by strict adherence to the political values and principled exemplified by our founder, A. Philip Randolph, 1889-1979.

Sylvia Wilson- President
Dewitt Walton – Vice President
Lanette Mitchell – Secretary
Dan Bosh – Treasurer

Khari Mosley
Sam Thomas
Eric Reese

Milestones and New Initiatives

  • Expanded capacity to provide soft skills and computer instruction for BTCP
  • Tony Mazzochi Center/USW hires an APRI staffer, who was a former Group 2 BTCP trainee
  • Group 9 graduate becomes new recruit of the class of officers for Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
  • Launched Website and Facebook page
  • Developed Career Support process for BTCP trainees
  • Restructured staff and secured grant to prepare a Strategic plan
  • Held Fundraiser to support the local APRI chapter and National APRI effort